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 The Statute of League of Heroes

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PostSubject: The Statute of League of Heroes   26.03.10 18:24

The Rules

1. Not knowing the rules does not excuse you for not following them (legal principle: ignorantia iuris nocet).

2. You shall listen and not question the decisions and orders of those that are higher ranked in the Guild hierarchy - without exception.

3. You shall not engage in flame wars, whether your started it or just joined it. This is strongly forbidden and for such an offence you
shall be muted and eventually kicked if you repeat it.

4. You shall not spam the guild chat with meaningless messages. Continuous repeating of same information in guild chat is also
considered spam and will result in a warning and eventually mute and kick if repeated.

5. Each of our members is an extension of the Guild and creates an image of it, therefore you must always be on your best behaviour
and not embarase the Guild publicly.

6. English in guild chat is not a choice, but a must. This is an international game and international guild.

7. Downloading and using "AV enabler" and "Ventrilo" programs (when told to do so) is also not a choice, but a must. Organised
participating in PVP or possible PVE events is impossible without them.

Paths of promotion

1. Trust is earned, not promised or bought. When you first join the Guild you do so as a recruit and earn promotions by gaining that trust,
not by complaining or asking for them.

2. Be nice to your guild mates, do not act cocky towards them, do not insult them, help them when you can.

3. Participate in guild events and be active as much as your RL situation allows you. Likewise, if you joined a guild and always play solo
than what was the point of joining?

4. Donate to the bank. A guild bank is your bank too so act like a good investor. No one minds if you take something from it, but also try
to invest in it when you can. Never take something from the bank and then put it on the auction house.

5. Take pride in your Guild. Let everyone know we are the best. Not by saying it, but by showing it.

6. Do not be greedy in PvE guild raids. We all join because we want something, but if an item would be better suited for someone else
try to understand that. Do not continusly spam the raid by asking for items.

7. In PvP raids, always listen to your leader, he leads the raid for a reason. And no, simply charging in is not always the best solution.
So listen to what the leader says and do your best to comply with it.
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PostSubject: Re: The Statute of League of Heroes   30.04.10 22:50

I'd like to add rolling rule which atm is " free fair rolls". Everyone (even newcomers) will have a chance to win what they want by rolling :]. Also, in the following days we'll discuss this rule. It's possible we could change it to "rank rolls".

If there'll be any change, I'll inform everyone.


And regarding guild chat. No spamming. Only english allowed. Also, selling stuff as well as character trade is allowed only once per hour. As for raid advertising and "lf arena partner" and that crap, once per 10 minutes is allowed (similar rules as in global chat).
Warnings will be given out to those people who disrespect rules.

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PostSubject: Re: The Statute of League of Heroes   08.05.10 5:02

One member reminded me today about this.

If someone is not satisfied how some other member is acting, or possibly how some other officer is acting. He can work with other people on a guild-kick voting to occur for that guy that he thinks is doing his job wrong.


Everyone Legend or above are ranked enough to do this procedure.

If you are Legend ranked, you need to get 9 more Legend ranked people for voting to occur.
If you are Class Leader ranked, then at least 4 more of the same rank.
If you are Co-Officer ranked, then at least 3 more.
If you are Officer ranked, then 1 more officer should be enough.

So yeah. for voting to occur you need or 10 legends, or 5 CLs, or 4 co-offs or 2 officers (that is if you count yourself in).

After you get enough people who have same notices about certain person doing its work bad, voting will occur, and present guild officers will ultimately decide upon the destiny of that certain person.

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PostSubject: Re: The Statute of League of Heroes   10.05.10 0:43

Oh goody! I love deciding peoples destinies yuppy!! Though I personally believe that people make their own destinies (as I do my own Very Happy) but if it will come to this if that person is acting like that and people vote him out of guild I will be glad to do it ofcourse Razz

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PostSubject: Re: The Statute of League of Heroes   05.11.10 7:04

Stop trolling, hahah.
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PostSubject: Re: The Statute of League of Heroes   

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The Statute of League of Heroes
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