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PostSubject: Application   02.05.10 20:15

I'm sorry about the previous topic that was denied, i understand i didn't give enough info
- My name is Silvi and i live in Bulgaria
- I play for about 1 year wow, started on this server and no others
- i would like to join the guild because i saw the nice pvp video here and i will really like to be a member of this guild, pwning horde and pve raids
- i'm always ready to help guild members if i can ofc
- i think my english is good enough not to get lost in London ^^
- My character is named Zelora, night elf hunter, pvp geared, 12k HP, 2300 AP, Brutal gladiator's longbow.
- I have some alts too, paladin holy, shaman healer, druid restoration. Also some proffs like Alchemy, Leatherworking, JWC, Enchanting all 375
- i'm friendly person, ready to share my personal bank with alot of different mats with other people.

I hope this will be enough for accepting me in the guild, if there are any questions, i'm ready to answer : )

- ah yes, i'm almost 18 years old, just 2 mouts to reach them and i will buy beer without someone making problems xD
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PostSubject: Re: Application   03.05.10 1:32

/w Andronicus in-game and I will invite you if you are online. if you are not, then tell me here, or mail me in-game telling me at what time will you be online, or at what time are you mostly online. So I can log on and inv.^^

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