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 Wardered's Applycation

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PostSubject: Wardered's Applycation   Wardered's Applycation Icon_minitime03.05.10 19:30

Hello, My real name is Jordan.I'm Male.I live in Bulgaria.I'm 14 years old.My main char. name is Wardered(mage).I dont have alternative characters.Mage and Shaman only.I think i play wow may be 2 years and all of them are in LastWoW.My role in the raid is dps and will try to be harder in every next raid. Smile I will try to make the best gear and sockets and help to the guild to get down the bosses faster than the last time. :)I want to join in <League of Legends> because the name of the raid provided me to be on of the best player from the allyes.I think you need to recruit me to can i make one beautiful raids because with my other chars (hordes) i make so stupid raids and all there are noobs.I want to try something new and to help the guild to be the best of the rest. :)I want only to meet with so many friendly people and to make (i will explain it again) some beautiful raids. :)I was in Unstoppable with my old shaman and .. i leave because Unstoppable get disband, and after that i delete this shaman. =/
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PostSubject: Re: Wardered's Applycation   Wardered's Applycation Icon_minitime03.05.10 21:14

You didn't use the application format, but you offered enough information + you are a friend of Balentiines : D.

Sooo, welcome Very Happy .
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Wardered's Applycation
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