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 Website Bordom

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PostSubject: Website Bordom   Website Bordom Icon_minitime04.05.10 17:35

Lol. Im making a random website made out of dreamweaver CS4 in school in class because im bored. Sitting in class. Ick. But... I might publish it or not.. but lol.. i hope to make it ubor cool :F Actually.. Ima post some pictures with backgrounds, and banners.. of the guild or chars.. if ya wanna share some CROPPED pics for some help you can. Razz

I know this is random.. Very Happy It would just help me with my website -.- being graded on it too ("Class needs to pick a topic and make a website on it").

Thanks anyways.
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PostSubject: Re: Website Bordom   Website Bordom Icon_minitime04.05.10 21:57

you can make a website
with pictures of me---> just saying Cool
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Website Bordom
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