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 Leopluradon Guild Application

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PostSubject: Leopluradon Guild Application   Leopluradon Guild Application Icon_minitime06.05.10 0:14

Hi my name is Gene. I am 17 years old, male. I come from South-Africa. My english is quite good, or atleast i think so =P My main char's name is Leopluradon, gnome rogue. I also have quite a few horde chars. I have been playing wow for quite some time now, and still loving it. Hmmmmm Razz my roll in raids are to do good dps and listen to what the raid leader says. Hmm, i think you should recruit me because im a very experience pve player, and also a learing-pvp'er study xD I have done all the bosses in SWP, BT, hyjal and all those other smaller raids. I have also lead full swp and bt raids( only bosses i havnt done as leader was brut and Illidan). I have been in 2 of the best horde guilds(was in Angels of horde 1st, then moved to Per-noctem reborn). I have also been in Unstoppable, but then they moved to a wotlk server.

Something about myself: 1st of all, i love playing wow xD. I also like going out with friends. My favourate sport to play is Hockey, but i dont realy watch it on TV.

Me in pve gear: https://redcdn.net/ihimizer/img442/8085/wowscrnshot050510132700.jpg

Me in pvp gear(not a big diff but w/e XD): https://redcdn.net/ihimizer/img249/9919/wowscrnshot050510132729.jpg

Well ok, thats about it Laughing

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PostSubject: Re: Leopluradon Guild Application   Leopluradon Guild Application Icon_minitime06.05.10 16:52

I'll pass you an inv. when we meet online.

Wc <3.
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Leopluradon Guild Application
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