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 Oporowo Application

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PostSubject: Oporowo Application   Oporowo Application Icon_minitime06.05.10 16:40

1. What is your REAL name?
2. Gender?
3. Where do you live?
4. Do you speak decent English?
-I speak, write, understand English fluently
5. How old are you?
6. What is your main character name?
7. Name of your alternate character/s?
8. What race and class do you play?
-Nightelf Hunter
9. How long have you been playing WoW?
-Since 2006
10. What is your role in a raid? Please provide/describe in more than one sentence.
-DPS and organising buffs ^^
11. Why would you like to join <League Of Heroes> ?
-Because it's a nice and large guild in which i could develop my character and submit some help too, I've met a few guild members and they made a good impression on me
12. Why should we recruit you?
-Because I have huge PvE and PvP experience and I'm a crazy guy to be friends with
13. What do you expect from this guild?
-Some neat raids and premade BGs, also an interesting guild chat
14. What guilds have you previously been in? Reasons why you leave?
-"Pure", it's a guild made only for my IRL friends, but I can't really get into anything serious with them
15. Any other info we should be aware of?
-I'm crazy and psychosexy
16. Please Link a Screenshot about your Character Panel. (So we can see your gears)
Oporowo Application WoWScrnShot_050510_122302
I'm completely unbuffed in this shot that's why my AP is low, and my gear isn't that great YET
17. What proffesions does your character have? (So we can add them up in your guild note so guildies could benefit of them)
-Enchanting 375 and Skinning beginner (going to Leatherworking)
18. SAY "CHEESE" : D.

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Oporowo Application Empty
PostSubject: !   Oporowo Application Icon_minitime06.05.10 21:49

/w Andronicus in-game and I'll pass you an invite.
Also, if we don't meet online tell me at what time will you be on so I can log on and inv.^^
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Oporowo Application
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