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 Hordeslayerr, Gild Application

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PostSubject: Hordeslayerr, Gild Application   07.05.10 23:42

1My name is Dimityr
2 Male
3 I am live in Bulgaria
4 I speak English good but not very good
5 I am 20 years old
6 Hordeslayerr
7 I haven't others chars
8 At the moment i play with Gnome Rogue,but i can play with many other class
9 Near 5 years
10 In raid i rolled items witch one i really need.I am not Ninja and i don't like peoples who steal items ,but they don't need them
11 Because i really want to join in good gild like <League of Heroes>
12 Because i am really skilled and good geared player who can help to all chars in gild with so many things
13 I hope to find friendly peoples.With this peoples i hope to make good conversation and many Gild Raids
14 I was in <CLAN HOCA>,I leave because they don't wanna help,and they hurt me when they say i am noob
15 I told all information form me that was all
16 https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000581372689&ref=profile#!/photo.php?pid=208873&id=100000581372689
17 I just make JC
18 Cheese Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Hordeslayerr, Gild Application   07.05.10 23:55

Welcome ^^.
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Hordeslayerr, Gild Application
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