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 Gkicked by Raiddefender Why ?

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Gkicked by Raiddefender Why ? Empty
PostSubject: Gkicked by Raiddefender Why ?   Gkicked by Raiddefender Why ? Icon_minitime08.05.10 12:20

So we were on ZA and downed Jul'jin and the trinket Berserker droped.Now Raiddefender was tank from the begining of the raid,he tanked all the bosses and the leader Unwanted sad to roll for Berserker.I rolled cause i realy needed it(i've done like 10Za's only for that trinket) and i rolled 92 then the raid tank Raiddefender rolls for main spec item with 93 and he get it.It was no off spec roll and he had all tank gear + talents.So i got angry and sad to the leader - "That was ninja" and i got warn 1/3 and after 1 min. i got gkicked by Raiddefender.So i think that realy was ninja loot.
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Gkicked by Raiddefender Why ?
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