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 Invite me in guild League Of Heroes

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PostSubject: Invite me in guild League Of Heroes   08.05.10 21:34

Hey GM in guild League Of Heroes (Andronicus)

1.My Real Name is Vasko
3. I live in Macedonia
4. I can speak and understand english quite good
5. I am 15 years old
6. My Main char name is Vasko
7. Vasko
8. Gnome mage Vasko
9. 2 years old
10. In raid i am Spell dps
11.I would like to join <League Of Heroes> becouse guild is Pro and i love guild
12.I realy like having fun with people new frends and itn
13.I expect from this guild nice people, doing raids and many other things
14. I been in CLAN HOCA but he died now
15. I like play WoW and like SPORT
16. sry bro i dont have picture dont worry my char have 1269 bonus damage in frost talent
17. I have enchanting 160 now
18 So thats my application. I realy need come in guild bro i love this guild :heart.

Nice Day GM see you letter... :*
Good Luck
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PostSubject: Re: Invite me in guild League Of Heroes   08.05.10 23:44

You were kicked cause you were spamming, using caps, using in-proper English, and calling other people "NOOBS" with caps several times.

I don't think you'll get invited back. Hmm. Evil or Very Mad pig
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Invite me in guild League Of Heroes
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