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 "Be imaginative" - New forum event

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"Be imaginative" - New forum event Empty
PostSubject: "Be imaginative" - New forum event   "Be imaginative" - New forum event Icon_minitime09.05.10 0:13

I'll put it simple cause I'm too lazy to write much.

Goal of this event is to make whatever you want.
Screenshot, video, a joke, a story, a book, a strip, comedy, banner, signatures, real life pics, seriously WHATEVER you want. It can be funny, silly, retarded, serious. It can be some drama-tragedy shizzle. W/e.

1. Whatever you do has to be related with our guild, League of Heroes.
So again some SSes related to guild or guild members, or a video related to it. Or a joke. Or a story. Or some made up fiction comedy. Or new banners. Seriously, anything related to LoH.
2. Be imaginative Smile.

If you got any questions let me know.

Also, it would be nice if someone really put some real effort in this event a possibly made a video. When I judge event entries, ofc I'd rather pick a video than some silly screenshot.
Imaginate and put a lot of effort in it, and the reward is yours Wink.

100k gold and a possible promotion.
Yes you heard me right, 100k gold :0.
That gold is enough for some comfy living xD.

I'll post a topic in screenshot and videos section.
Good luck for everyone who'll participate.


EDIT: Here is the topic in which you may post your event entries. -> http://leagueofheroes.forumotion.com/screenshots-and-videos-f4/be-imaginative-forum-event-post-your-entries-here-t134.htm
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"Be imaginative" - New forum event
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