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 Challenging system.

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Challenging system. Empty
PostSubject: Challenging system.   Challenging system. Icon_minitime27.03.10 21:29

Soldier -> Hero
Hero -> Legend
Legend -> Class Leader
Legend -> Co Leader
Class Leader -> Co Leader

You can duel those ranks to get their rank. Whenever dueling you have to inform the guy whom you duel that the duel is arranged regarding challenging his rank. You can't like come, duel, win and then say: "Hah punk, I won you, now I got your rank!". So yeah, inform him about it and give him some time to prepare.

Get a witness. Witness must be at least "Class Leader" ranked. He'll be the judge of the duel.

You play first to win 3 duels. So yeah, 3 wins are needed. Maximum of 5 games can be played <.<

If you really can't get a witness, then SS your 3 wins and post them on our forum.

Same rules as in arena while dueling.

If you got any questions or any problems /w Andronicus. Or mail me or PM me or anything.

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Challenging system.
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