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 valeriee Guild Application

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PostSubject: valeriee Guild Application   09.05.10 22:13

1. Valentin.
2. Male.
3. Sofia, Bulgaria.
4. Yes.
5. 25.
6. Valeriee.
7. No.
8. Draenei paladin.
9. I play WOW from 3 years and i played on blizz and wotlk servers before year ago. I started played last
wow before week.
10. Holy pala whit pvp gear.
11. I want to join because i want to be in best guild in last wow and because for little time that i play in server.
I see many good geared guys that all are from LOH guild and i am very dissapoited from this pug raids
that are create by other players.
12. Because i want to be in the guild in this server and to be part of downing and cleaning all bosses in
HYJAL BT and other inc like SSC TK ZA KARA and many more.
13. I expect 1. good raids every night 2 good ppl that helped each other and 3. nuked all bosses in all inc.
14. My last guild was deadllyteam my reasons to leave was that they do many raids to many inctances but
i nevdeer receive inv even when i receive it and we downed some bosses in little inc (ZA KARA ) and i
winn item they dont give it to me even whit win of 100 and they promised me t6 items but never
receive anything.
15. I played on many diffrent servers like WOC (world of cris) and also played whit many classes but thats
1st my paladin (dont worry i already knew that he have buff magics like BOK GBOM GBOK and many
other) my gear is low thats the problem (main problem) i can listen in raid know what to do for the
best in raid.
17. I dont have any proffs here because i played from little time and 1st my priority is to receive better
gear for this char.
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PostSubject: Re: valeriee Guild Application   09.05.10 23:48

K well I could inv. you when we meet online. But I don't think I'll be online much more today. But I'll be tomorrow tho.

Try whispering Andronicus or Jjb.
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valeriee Guild Application
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