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 New alliance

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PostSubject: New alliance   New alliance Icon_minitime12.05.10 14:03

I want to notice everyone that we are stepping into an alliance with "AwakeninG" guild.

Alliance means we are allied friendly guilds that work and co-operate together. And do fun stuff together (anal included). Soooo, we'll do events and raids together. But we'll focus on PvE mostly probably cause AwakeninG is pretty much all about PvE.

So to all members; please act nice towards allied guild member. Act to them like they are from our guild.
If you do not behave well I'll treat your behavior same like I would treat it if it was towards a LoH guildie.

That's all I wanted to say.
Btw, most of you already know, but this is our 2nd alliance with other guilds.
1st is with members of WTaC (abbreviation of "With Toast and Coffee") which with whom we did a pvp event and few other minor stuff, and looking forward to do more.

Kk. Treat your allies well :].

P.S. - Special thanks to Kajll and Farramir for idea of uniting our guilds within an alliance.

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PostSubject: Re: New alliance   New alliance Icon_minitime12.05.10 20:13

That was my idea, I suggested it to him and he, ofc, said sure Very Happy

Quote :
(anal included)
- OH MY LORD :-) lol! affraid
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New alliance
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