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 Mezaviux's application

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PostSubject: Mezaviux's application   15.05.10 13:10

1.Michael (name transfered to english Smile )
3.Poland :d
4.of course im good at english ;]
5.im 16
7.i dont have any alts for now
8.Night Elf Rogue of course Very Happy
9.about 2 years
10.make as much dps as i can and wear different poisons on different bosses.(many rogues even dont know what is a thing called "poison")
11.i heared that LoH is a good guild,and have nice members,so its place for me ;]
12.im helpful and nice person
13.good relations with other members,guild raids,maybe a little events Smile
14.i wasnt in any guild yet
15.dont judge me becouse my gear,im playing this game long enough to know how to make myself epic ;]
16.reputation set/greens im fresh 70 but im still gearing up
17.mining full/jc
18. CHEESE Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Mezaviux's application   15.05.10 13:19

Welcome Very Happy !
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Mezaviux's application
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