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 Apply to LoH

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PostSubject: Apply to LoH   16.05.10 13:48

8.I can play with all classes,but i play priest and shaman as ally :]
9.4 years and half
10.With my priest my role is to heal with my shaman my role is to do dmg.
11.As i hearth this guild is very good making daily graids and etc.
12.I think because i can be very helpful in graids,events and others.
13.I expect from LoH all players to be pro helping each others and stuff.
14.With my main char(Neverbeoom) before i was in Most Wanted but i left cuz the guild was going down.
15.I have always any reagents for me and other classes if someone forgot to get ( i think this is helpful in graids) i can say that i am not retarded player,i know tactics for raids and others.
16.Sry i cant post screenshot but i have about 500 mana regen UB 1700 BH 12k mana UB(this is info for my priest).
17.I have tailoring but its still in progress.
18.Cheese! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Apply to LoH   16.05.10 13:58

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Apply to LoH
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