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PostSubject: Application   22.05.10 21:33

1. Michal ( its Polish name )
2. Male
3. Szczecin, Poland
4. Yes
5. 21
6. Variaa
7. Apokalipsa, Srogi, Haatun, Eter
8. Draenei Warrior
9. About 3 years
10. On the warrior i have gear to tank and dps, mostly i like to dps but sometimes im forced to tank Razz (my items are on high level, swp/bt )
11. I want to join u becouse u have nice progress, pro players and most important fun ( i heared u are best guild here)
12. Im ready to raid every minute in game ( ofc when im in Very Happy )
13. I expect ogranizated raids and pro gaming.
14. I played in Unstoppable, they went on WOTLK, they kicked all and disband guild.
15. Im good what im doing and know all about class i play.
17. Engineering / Mining on Variaa and Alchemy / Herbalism on other char.
18. CHEESE Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Application   22.05.10 23:19

Dranaei warrior.. that reminds me of..mhmm.. ME! Twisted Evil afro

Yeah sure you are welcome. /w Andronicus in-game :].
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