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 Poisonkiller Apply Guild

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PostSubject: Poisonkiller Apply Guild   01.06.10 19:23

1.What is your Real name?
Filip Avramovic
3.Where do you live?
In Serbia / Kucevo
4.Do you speak decent English?
5.How old are you?
15 years old
6.What is your Main character name?
Poisonkiller (PvP and PvE)
7.Name of your alternate chatacter/s?
Imdangerzone (pala,full holy and full Protection both full geared (PvE)
8.What race and class do you play?
For race I prefer Dwarves,Humman and Night elf from ally, Tauren,Orc and Undead from horde. Class:Paladin,Rogue,Priest,Hunter and Warrior
9.How long have you been playing WoW?
about 2 years.
10.What is your role in a Raid?Please provide/describe in more than one Sentence.
Main i am DPS(Rogue) i have Healer and Tank(Paladin)
11.Why would you like to join <League Of Heroes> ?
Because Lydpriestbg join in guild he was very good guild master in Unstoppable and my Brother join this guild Sewastrm (characters name)
12.Why Should we recruite you?
That is your Choice.
13.What do you expect from this guild?
Polite and Mature Friends.
14.What guilds have you previously been in? Reasons why you leave?
I was in guild Storm(Warlords)
15. Any other info we should be aware of?
If you need something from me ask me only. Smile
16. Please Link a Screenshot about your Character Panel. (So we can see your gears)



17.What proffesions does your character have?
Nothing yet but Enggenering and Mining i will have on Paladin i have Mining and Blacksmithing not finished.
18. SAY "CHEESE" : D.
CHEESE Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Poisonkiller Apply Guild   01.06.10 20:03

We'll talk in-game. My nick is Andronicus.
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Poisonkiller Apply Guild
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