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 Talambaska guild appliciation

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PostSubject: Talambaska guild appliciation   10.06.10 2:33

1.Hello my name is Ignjat
2.Im male
3.I live in Belgrade - Serbia
4.Yes my English is good
5.Im 17 years old
6.Main charter name is Talambaska-rogue
7.My alts are Blooma(druid) and Luud
8.Nightelf druid (resto),nightelf rogue(sublity),human warrior (protection)
9.I play wow like 3 years
10.Good dps,not overaggro and listen orders
11.Yes offcorse
12.Because im frendly guy and good team mate Smile
13.Nice raids and some fun Smile
14.I was in We are the serbs.I left them coz they have to many noobs...
15.I was played on original server Sylvanas.I was good druid tank...
16.You will se me in game Smile
18.CHEESE Very Happy Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Talambaska guild appliciation   10.06.10 10:56

We are overcrowded so I think your druid is the only class we want among those 3 :/.
Contact an officer in-game.
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Talambaska guild appliciation
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