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 Officers list

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PostSubject: Officers list   10.06.10 11:18

Atm these are the officers who can invite people to guild and etc.:


And me as a guild leader:


That's 15 officers listed up there. Some of you would say it's too many, but covering a guild with 595 members (+80 online daily) isn't that easy, so the amount of officers is reasonable.

Kk that's all. Made this so those who apply for the guild can check who are the officers so they know who to whisper in-game. Cheers.

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PostSubject: Re: Officers list   17.06.10 0:23

WTF am I doing on the bottom of that list!!

So sad Sad
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PostSubject: Re: Officers list   17.06.10 0:47

Someone Demote Andronicus to Officer , so he may do the dirty jobs too Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Officers list   

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Officers list
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