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 cypresshill guild Application

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PostSubject: cypresshill guild Application   10.06.10 13:02

1. hi my name is Dragan
2. Im male
3. Macedonia
4. My English is good
5. Im 17
6. My main char is Cypresshill (hunter)
7. Graced (paladin) Atwa (warrior)
8. Night elf hunter, human pala and human warrior
9. I play wow like 2-3 years
10. Im good DPS, have healer pala Smile
11. its a good guild, there are lots of raid pvp/pve. I want to fill my time while playing wow and i want some fun:)
12. im active i ve done all bosses in SWP, BT, Hyal and im friendly guy
13. Nice PVP/PVE raids
14. I have been in unstoppable but they left this server.
15. /
16. Sry, but i cant put limk from my character panel u will se me in game (im full s3, full swp)
17.I have engineering and mining
18.CHEESE Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: cypresshill guild Application   10.06.10 15:43

We are just interested in your hunter. Talk to an officer in-game.
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cypresshill guild Application
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