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 Nikolay's appli

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Nikolay's appli Empty
PostSubject: Nikolay's appli   Nikolay's appli Icon_minitime12.06.10 16:56

1.My IRL name is Nikolay.
3.I live in Bulgaria
4.Avarage English good enough
5.I am 15 years old
6.My main character name is Mvrobg.
7.I only have 1 character and it is Mvrobg.
8.I roll on a Night Elf Rogue
9.I've been playing World of Warcraft since patch 2.40
10.My only role in the raid is a DPS and listening what the leader says.
11.I would like to join League of Heroes to make some fun like the old times.
12.I have a few friends in the guild and they told me its kind a good
13.Good fun raids lol hope so
14.I have been in Warlords
15. no
17. Enchanting and Mining 375%
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Nikolay's appli Empty
PostSubject: Re: Nikolay's appli   Nikolay's appli Icon_minitime12.06.10 17:08

Another bg rogue Evil or Very Mad lawl.

We'll see in-game.
It would be better if you could join with an alt character if you have one tho. Like lock or w/e Razz.
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Nikolay's appli
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