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 Lexican`s apply

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PostSubject: Lexican`s apply   Lexican`s apply Icon_minitime12.06.10 22:27

1.My irl name is zahari
4.My english isnt on high level but i can understand ppl and i think they can understand me ^^
6. Lexican
8.gnome warlock
9.4 years
11.i just seek some good pve guild since Unstoppable is gone and some of my old friends play in your guild
14.I was in Unstoppable but we broke apart 2 mounths ago in molten-wow(the server we moved to)I was one of their top dpsers my raid progress is good i have owned all the doable bosses even Bruttalus (i saw u didnt owned that guy but only 2-3 tanks know how to tank him )U wont be sry if u recruit me
I cant post u a pic of my stats since i just come back from molten wow when i log in-game tomorow i will post a pic.
i think i had enchanting as a proffesion but i dont remember very well
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Lexican`s apply Empty
PostSubject: Re: Lexican`s apply   Lexican`s apply Icon_minitime13.06.10 4:42

Nah, we owned Brut as well.

And yeah we can understand your English xD.

We'll talk in-game. I could invite you Smile.
/w Andronicus. I'll be online today most of the day.
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Lexican`s apply
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