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PostSubject: LoH Raids   LoH Raids Icon_minitime13.06.10 0:04

Hey guys,
actually LoH is 1 of the best guilds on this server! We do great PvP Raid or Events and it realy fun to play with you!
BUT the PvE raids make me said! We have a great leader, i mean Kajll doing a really great job!!
He even tells every1 wich buttons to push that we dont fail, which isnt his job everybody should know his class and how to interact in raid but the whole raid doesnt follow his instruction! For example today we wanted to do Azgalore who is really a easy boss if the tank do it well and the melees doesnt fail! But you wont believe it but we faild ! Because nobody followd Kajll's instructions and that makes me sad! I think this guild can be much better in raids because we have really nice guys and skilled players in this guild!

It would be nice if you respond to this topic because i want to know what you think about raiding in LoH! Razz

And plz dont blame me if you havnt the same opinion like me Smile

Greetings Vp/Ebart
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PostSubject: Re: LoH Raids   LoH Raids Icon_minitime13.06.10 4:44

Well, true. It's a pretty big guild, so there are lots of members. Some of them aren't capable of fully engaging rule. But practicing more and more will make us better.
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PostSubject: Re: LoH Raids   LoH Raids Icon_minitime13.06.10 13:46

Yea...we never give up!We killed any boss from server!Andro is right...practicing will make us better!But you're right....some ppl should listen more carefully the leader instructions and be more carefull in raids to not pull mobs etc...but mistakes are happening...we can't blame a guy because he made a mistake...everybode makes Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: LoH Raids   LoH Raids Icon_minitime

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LoH Raids
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