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 Preform AV Enabler / Ventrillo

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Preform AV Enabler / Ventrillo Empty
PostSubject: Preform AV Enabler / Ventrillo   Preform AV Enabler / Ventrillo Icon_minitime26.03.10 19:32

Preform AV Enabler download link (so you can play BGs with us) -> http://wowaddons.snowolf.eu/index.php?act=view&id=32

Download. Extract to your WoW addons folder and turn it on before entering the very game. And lets rock BGs together : ).

Ventrillo download link (so you can talk with us while raiding and killing hordies using headset) -> http://www.ventrilo.com/download.php

Download. Install. Set your hostname and IP -> ˇˇ
Hostname: vent.lastwow.com
Port: 4001
Password (for our room): LoH001

Find our room in LastWoW vent. Room name is same as guild name. You got 3 sub-rooms in it. PvP/PvE/General. Join which ever suits you more.
Please do this. Ty. : ).
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Preform AV Enabler / Ventrillo
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