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 Davidoo's Guild Application

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PostSubject: Davidoo's Guild Application   Davidoo's Guild Application Icon_minitime03.09.10 13:11

1. What is your REAL name?

2. Gender?

3. Where do you live?
Krakow, Poland.

4. Do you speak decent English?
Actually, my spoken and written english is quite good.

5. How old are you?

6. What is your main character name?

7. Name of your alternate character/s?
Haven't got an Alt, yet.

8. What race and class do you play?
Human, Warlock.

9. How long have you been playing WoW?
My journey started about five years ago on the TBC Server "Scapegaming", Realm: WoWCrack, managed there to join the best Alliance PVE-Guild called "Faith". Two years ago I tried out WOTLK but I did not enjoy it at all..
Since then I had a break of more the a year from WoW, but I recently bought a new Notebook and here I am..

10. What is your role in a raid? Please provide/describe in more than one sentence.
Mainly RDPS, keeping up CoE or CoT, Mana Drain or whatever debuff needed on bosses. Providing the 70 stamina benefit from my Imp to other party Members! Not attacking the Boss till RL says or it's HP is at 98% :> I've got Omen to watch my generated threat. For sure I'm planning to get a healing alt as i noticed quite a huge lack of them on the serve as everyone want to DPS!

11. Why would you like to join <League Of Heroes> ?
I would like to join LoH as I'm searching for a organized group of people who have a certain Know-How about Raiding and do not wipe on the first trash as usually in PUG's -__-

12. Why should we recruit you?
"I will make you an offer you can't refuse" - joke, because I'm a funny and honest guy, who enjoy's raiding and provides a professional attituded to what he's doing.

13. What do you expect from this guild?
Fun, success and a bit of competition.

14. What guilds have you previously been in? Reasons why you leave?
I haven't been in any guild on this server, yet.

15. Any other info we should be aware of?
I like beer.

16. Please Link a Screenshot about your Character Panel. (So we can see your gears)

17. What proffesions does your character have? (So we can add them up in your guild note so guildies could benefit of them)

18. SAY "CHEESE" : D.

Kind regards,
Adrian aka Davidoo
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PostSubject: Re: Davidoo's Guild Application   Davidoo's Guild Application Icon_minitime04.09.10 0:47

Just to inform you we are now a fully pvp guild :/.
Forgot to change application template so it looks like we are pvp/pve still >.<

You can still join tho, but I think you want PvE raids as well, and we tend to pvp only.

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Davidoo's Guild Application
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