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 Bjtch's guild apllication

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PostSubject: Bjtch's guild apllication   Bjtch's guild apllication Icon_minitime20.09.10 12:18

1. David Satmary

2. Male

3. Hungary

4. yes i do

5. 16

6. Bjtch

7. Njamb

8. Human Rogue

9. Bit more than two years

10. To follow orders and.. donno what else :/

11. I am guildless since a month or even more and i would like to join a great PvP guild

12. Cuz im kewl?

13. I expect much of pvp

14. Evolution (i joined when i was new to lastwow but i left it seeking for a better pve guild) Unstoppable (3 times over thats why) Vicarious (over too). Basicly thats all

15. nothing

16. http://tinypic.com/r/2v2jz41/7

17. max engi

18. cheeseburger
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Bjtch's guild apllication Empty
PostSubject: Re: Bjtch's guild apllication   Bjtch's guild apllication Icon_minitime21.09.10 18:17

Why not!

Approved. Wc
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Bjtch's guild apllication
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