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 Trailer/vids, check this shit

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Trailer/vids, check this shit Empty
PostSubject: Trailer/vids, check this shit   Trailer/vids, check this shit Icon_minitime02.11.10 3:36

I'm too lazy to write again so I'll quote what I wrote on LastWoW forum.

Andronicus wrote:
Okay mens. We filmed some shit during last couple of days and made some nab vids, nothing special tho.
Just to promote the guild more and advertise the guild, as well as advertise our beloved server a bit.

First of all, sorry if I should have put this topic in guild section, but gah, not many people look there, so I posted here >.<


1. Here is the newest trailer we made. It's a minute of scenes from alliance city raids and rest of the video is guild war event we had (10v10). This was made by Flote. It's the short version trailer.


Nothing special like I said, lacking effects and stuff, but music is nice imho =P.

2. Here is the a bit older PvE trailer made by Adaph. Just some scenes when we fought sexy bosses. Again, nothing special. I know LastWoW's pve is a joke.. Just wanted to let anyone know we aren't capable of PvPing only. We are multifunctional biciz.


3. Now, the upgraded version of trailer with a bit more of action, some scenes from Darnassus, premades, arenas and other stuff. Again, pretty much nothing special. It's a mix of first 2 vids I posted with some extra scenes/screenshots. If you watched both of the vids I posted so far, this could be a bit boring xD. Made by Deadbaron (Sinistter aka Deeprogue). Props to him!


4. Now, again a bit older vid. The OG raid we filmed when we were back on alliance. Lightwish recorded it.
I probably posted this back in the days, but ain't sure. Here's a reminder.
Yet again, nothing special, just rapin hordies a bit.. Part2 is more interesting imho.

Part1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIarSqFPsR0
Part2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gx8FxIHs_vo

5. All that scenes from the PvE trailer are cut from original longer videos of boss encounters.
If you want to see original long videos check Lightwish's, Kajll's, Rigastalker's and Keia's channel.



Kk, I think that's everything.
Let's avoid "OMG GAY GUILD NOOB VIDEOS!!!" comments please, lol.
If you are bored, feel free to watch them and leave some comments.

Once again I'll repeat, vids are nothing special, lacking effects and stuff.. And they aren't really interesting, but I guess they aren't that boring that you'll fall asleep while watchin' xP.

And, again, sorry if this topic should go in guild section.. Not many people go there so posted here. Move it there if it's really necessary.

If you have any questions, visit us at http://www.leagueofheroes.tk .
We got more than 400 registered users for our forum.

Guild recruitment is still open.^^

Andronicus proud leadzor of LoH. 8-) Smile

EDIT: Many people asked me what's that music in our short version trailer (no.1 link).
1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yuq8UAT-if8 - "The Contender" - theme song
2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISzK6e237II - "Two Steps from Hell" - Heart of Courage

And the one singing when PvE scenes show up is -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0prFicLgXxw
"B-Complex" - Beautiful Lies


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Trailer/vids, check this shit
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