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 Show your characters. :)

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PostSubject: Show your characters. :)   07.11.10 20:44

Hi guys i want see your characters in aliance and horda.
This is my characters:
1: Shaman - aliance
I do this character rly long time but now he is rly super shaman Smile

2: Warrior - aliance
I make this char only 4fun i get him 70 lvl but dont play for him i just doing VP and buying him items
when anyone want him i sell for 7k DP


3: Rouge - horde
I dont do any item set on this char.. i buy him for 12k DP he is super givet nice DMG he have nice items Smile


All your pic. givet as link please.
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PostSubject: Re: Show your characters. :)   08.11.10 2:02

My chars:

I've made him just for fun back in these days,but as u can see I stick with rogues from then

My first char on LastWoW, when I started to play here I didn't rly know what paladin means (even tough I played Warcraft 3 and Frozen Throne ofc.)

This one is originally made by Kajll,but gave it to me Smile

I hope u like it


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PostSubject: Re: Show your characters. :)   08.11.10 3:39

Cool topic haha.. but it's 2am I'm too lazy to show mine.

I had lots of characters so far. Not all were mine, but I played on them and used them for my own purposes..

-Andronicus - s4 warrior, full tank gear, some pve gear, full resistance gear, proffesions, lots of fun items (worth over 100 euros)
-Whiterevenge - pretty much same as above
-Skyshadow - same as above, but s3, not s4 :/
-Devilstrike - same as above, full s4 and all tank gear, pve gear and even t3 gear with thunderfury (also worth around 100 euros)

-had 2-3 more s2/s3 warriors, but they aren't worth mentioning

-Azaruil - s4 druid will almost the best gear, but lacked few parts
-Pencelin - s4 druid with full gear

-Jjb - full s3 rshammy with pve/ele gear and shirt/tabard
-Wavez - full s4 tauren resto shaman

-Oojjb - non donor lock with pvp/pve gear and 14k hp unbuffed

-Puika - full epic rogue with solid gear

-Rednox - full s4 cow hunter
-Pandzaa - full pve huntard with shirt/tabard, 2.8k ap UB

-Jame - human mage with pve guar + guardians

Had like 10 more at least but can't remember them lolol.

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Age : 24
Location : Czech Republic

PostSubject: Re: Show your characters. :)   10.11.10 19:10

Heh many char andro Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Show your characters. :)   

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Show your characters. :)
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