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 Guide for pre-tbc content.

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Guide for pre-tbc content. Empty
PostSubject: Guide for pre-tbc content.   Guide for pre-tbc content. Icon_minitime22.04.10 6:29

Kk guys. In the future, we decided we'll try to do more raids. Not just SWP/BT/HS like usual.
There are a lot more that we didn't clear. Maybe it won't be challenging as these 3 above, and maybe you won't be able to win the best gear in those instances, but you could have some fun exploring them and doing bosses you did not do yet.

So in the future we will do TK/SSC/Gruul's Lair for fun.
As well as more of Kara/ZA raids to gear up full green people.
We'll try to do 5 man heroics as well. Those kind of raids help in gearing, collecting BoJs and collecting ench. mats for example as well.

That's not all.

We could try out some pre-tbc content too! That could be a lot of fun. So I'll post the link here to this guide explaining everything about pre-tbc instance attunements. So whoever is interested in doing this can find out what to do.


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Guide for pre-tbc content.
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