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 nap tank app.....

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PostSubject: nap tank app.....   28.04.10 7:20

pik me plox i speaky gut ingrish


i would like to join with my tank (dodge) 16.8 hp full swp gear ihave 14 months on server and am former per noctem(original) and have been present on many server firsts mother, illi, brut etc
have all professions on alts soz not to be a spamming burden to guild any other stats info plox just ask or inspect ingame
thank you

el napo
aka tigertank
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PostSubject: Re: nap tank app.....   28.04.10 12:06

Sure. /w Andronicus when you are on. If I'm not online then tell me at what time will you be on so I can log on and pass you a ginv.

And welcome Smile.
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nap tank app.....
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