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 LoH on Molten-WoW Sargeras (Horde)

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LoH on Molten-WoW Sargeras (Horde) Empty
PostSubject: LoH on Molten-WoW Sargeras (Horde)   LoH on Molten-WoW Sargeras (Horde) Icon_minitime30.04.10 20:17

I'll be creating League of Heroes guild on Molten-WoW (amazingly good and stabile wotlk server) Sargeras (x20) realm as well! But this time on Horde side. So whoever plays there, or will start playing, feel free to join the guild.
I'm a horde tauren warr there. Ign: Infernus (so whisper me or mail me in-game) ^^
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LoH on Molten-WoW Sargeras (Horde)
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