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 Mage application

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PostSubject: Mage application   Mage application Icon_minitime01.05.10 15:09

Hello, I would like to join your guild. I heard lots of good things about your guild and I decided that I must be with us. My exp in wow - 2 years i think, on high rate (i stay on lastwow the longest time), and blizzlike (polish server). Week later I will have lots of time to go raiding with guild. Rodelion is my pve mage (talents in arcane, of course). I have 3 rare items ;< Hm. Im little nolife-girl so I will spend in guild lots of my time Smile
I hope that i can join.
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PostSubject: Re: Mage application   Mage application Icon_minitime01.05.10 16:00

Rodelion wrote:
Im little girl

I'm letting you in just because of this Laughing .
/w Andronicus and tell me when will you be online and I'll inv. ya.^^
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PostSubject: App   Mage application Icon_minitime07.05.10 19:10

Pls invite me in guild
i had a char in the guild a rouge called Nightfight.
where someone hacked this acc i played offi for 2 or 3 month
atm i´m poor and i´m like the server and heared that the guild are the best atm Smile
pls invite me i have experience and can help you by questions Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Mage application   Mage application Icon_minitime07.05.10 19:13

Don't post in someone elses app. QQ
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PostSubject: Re: Mage application   Mage application Icon_minitime

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Mage application
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