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 Warlock Application

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PostSubject: Warlock Application   02.05.10 20:00

Hi! Very Happy I heard about your guild and that you are raiding very often and i said to myself: "I must be in that guild!". Will ya invite me? ^^ My warlock is Emcia, have almost fullepic gear, 2/8 t6 (legs, boots). If you ask for my expierience with wow, i will tell you that i am playing since patch 2.3.0 (don't remember exact date) on blizzlike private TBC polish serwer Theatre of Dreams, so it is a nice burst of experience, don't ya think? Wink Yea, you expect some info about me. Well, let me think. My name is David, of course I'm from Poland (so I am playing on ToD), before this application I was in Vicarious, but they have deleted guild and for this day I don't know why. I'm playing of course female human warlock (don't ask me why, ask my girlfriend ]:->), my role in raid... Bloodpact if tank wishes, dps and once more dps. You don't expect a holy warlock, right? Wink

PS. Sorry for gramatical errors if there is any ^^'
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PostSubject: Re: Warlock Application   03.05.10 1:31

Well, you didn't follow the application format. But you said enough imo. I guess I could invite you.

Sooo /w "Andronicus" in-game and I will invite you if you are online. if you are not, then tell me here, or mail me in-game telling me at what time will you be online, or at what time are you mostly online. So I can log on and inv.^^
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Warlock Application
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