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 Druid Application

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PostSubject: Druid Application   Druid Application Icon_minitime11.05.10 21:18

1. Marius.
2. Male.
3. I live In Romania.
4. Yes,I understand it and speak it very Good.
5. 17 Years Old.
6. Hardlove(Shaman Ele)
7. Louieena(Rogue),Adorra(Drudu Healer).
8. On my main - draenei ofc, Louieena - Girl Gnome, Adorra - Girl Nelf.
9. Well, I have 1 year and a half.
10.When I play on Shamy my 1st role is to make Dmg cuz that is what sham ele do and 2nd is to help my mates if they need heal or something.On rogue my only role is to make dmg(i think:) ) and on my Drudu my role is to heal my mates and to help them with what i can:D .
11. I would like to come in this Guild bcuz my actually guild is a pvp one and i really miss a Good Raid(and i heard that this one is the best xD).
12. Because I think I'm a very friendly guy who like to make new friends and i like to make some raids with experienced people.
13. I'm sure i will find very friendly people who know when to be serious or to make a good joke.
14. I was in SWAT then In Kiss Kiss Bang Bang(wich i left it now to join in This guild)
15. I don't think there is any.
16. Sorry i Don't have attm. But u can see me In-game.
17. I Have Engineering,enchanting and jewelcrafting.
18. Cheese.
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PostSubject: Re: Druid Application   Druid Application Icon_minitime11.05.10 23:35

/w any of the officers and we'll invite you.
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Druid Application
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