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 Guild application by Radoslav

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Guild application by Radoslav Empty
PostSubject: Guild application by Radoslav   Guild application by Radoslav Icon_minitime23.05.10 20:46

1 My name is Radoslav
2 Male
3 I live i Bulgaria
4 i speak English quite good( from my point of view)
5 i am 17 years old
6 My main character's name is Moruen
7 some of my other characters (those i most often log on)are Nefretos, Dworgen, Erold and Groin.
8 Night elf - Druid
9 i have played WoW for 2 years now
10 in raids i am usually used as a tank.
11 i would like to join <League Of Heroes>because i am sick of playing with idiots and would like to be among people that know how to play the game.
12 i Know how to play with all of my characters, i am a fast learner and i don't argue with people.
13 My expectations are: i will be in a nice friendly surrounding with lots of intelligent people
14 i have been in Warlords- left it because it became infested with idiots, i have also been in storm, Arch Angel, but they fell apart
16 i cant link an image But my HP is 16,3k in Bear form and i have 53% dodge and rising.
17 i have jewelcrafting 375 and mining 375
18 CHEESE Smile
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Guild application by Radoslav Empty
PostSubject: Re: Guild application by Radoslav   Guild application by Radoslav Icon_minitime24.05.10 13:29

Alright, sure. /w Andronicus Very Happy
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Guild application by Radoslav
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