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PostSubject: LoH Apply   LoH Apply Icon_minitime13.06.10 13:20

1. What is your REAL name?
Lambert John

2. Gender?
Male?....Yeah, male i think xD (since my name says so)

3. Where do you live?
On Earth atm, but soon going to move on Moon! (England ftw)

4. Do you speak decent English?
Oui, je parle bien Engles!

5. How old are you?

6. What is your main character name?

7. Name of your alternate character/s?
Ayena(resto dudu)

8. What race and class do you play?
I play all classes with ease. Except pallys, they're so gay!.

9. How long have you been playing WoW?
Dunnow...since mom kicked me out of the house i think :S...for 3 years.

10. What is your role in a raid? Please provide/describe in more than one sentence.
Well i am DPS , ofc. Other rolls are buffing, conjuring shit , making portals etc.

11. Why would you like to join <League Of Heroes> ?
Cause i know it's a hell of a guild! (best pre-mades xD)

12. Why should we recruit you?
Dunnow...i think i can help the guild a lot by joining raids, pre-mades and chat entertainment Smile

13. What do you expect from this guild?
Food, beer and ice cream.

14. What guilds have you previously been in? Reasons why you leave?
Blood rain, Blood Dynasty. i left because they were acting like poor lil' fucks.

15. Any other info we should be aware of?
Yeah, i play oftenly when i'm drunk xD.

16. Please Link a Screenshot about your Character Panel. (So we can see your gears)
Dunnow why i can't uploaded imges. I think i am 2 drunk right nao!...hic (i am almost full epic).

17. What proffesions does your character have? (So we can add them up in your guild note so guildies could benefit of them)
Skinning &tailoring.

18. SAY "CHEESE" : D.
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PostSubject: Re: LoH Apply   LoH Apply Icon_minitime13.06.10 14:41

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LoH Apply
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