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 Niepriest Guild Application

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PostSubject: Niepriest Guild Application   Niepriest Guild Application Icon_minitime21.08.10 15:11

1. What is your REAL name? J

2. Gender? Male

3. Where do you live? California

4. Do you speak decent English? Yes

5. How old are you? 25

6. What is your main character name? Niepriest

7. Name of your alternate character/s? None yet

8. What race and class do you play? Night Elf Priest

9. How long have you been playing WoW? 3 years +, since Feb. 2007

10. What is your role in a raid?

Please provide/describe in more than one sentence. My main was a Priest on retail so it was healing. PW:S tank or anyone with low health>renew>flash heal if im Discipline or Greater heal if Holy. Holy got nerfed to hell so I completely stopped playing it since they nerfed spirit by 40%. I'd go on but it would involve Lich King engine with Penance, Hymn of Hope, etc.. I forgot how easilly BC is with less spells, lol. Plus there were no CDs on certain spells and much more efficient. I'm a great healer Smile As a mage it was pew pew as Arcane since it is the best in Lich King engine. I love fire though back in BC for PvE.

11. Why would you like to join <League Of Heroes> ?

World PvP and PvE, I love both. and it was the most fun doing them back when I started playing WoW. it was the most and best connections I ever had with people in my guild. LOH concentrates on both, and you guys seem very friendly and helpful. that is the type of community I am looking to be part of Smile

12. Why should we recruit you?

I am a great healer, and I can co-lead raids

13. What do you expect from this guild?

Funnnnnnnnnnn, and trust me I can help bringing it.

14. What guilds have you previously been in?

Reasons why you leave? Guild all across different privates, and retail. I left certain guilds because they had no soul. Just people sitting there doing same thing 24/7. no community, no support, no even chatting. I guess that's Lich King for you. which is why I quit it.

15. Any other info we should be aware of?

I am a HARDCORE World PvPers. And let me explain to you like this. If I could think, walk, talk, sleep, eat, shit World PvP, I would. I am someone who would kill Arena and BGs permenantly and replace them with World PvP and rewards to World PvP. If you let me join, you won't be disappointed. I can lead a city raid once per week.

16. Please Link a Screenshot about your Character Panel. (So we can see your gears)

I'm new here, only level 11 so far. but check out these screenies from last week. This realm has 3k players online and most of Orgrimmar raids wipe even with 80 people. This is a 40 men raid and we held the town for 20 mins. I am the leader

Niepriest Guild Application Wowscrnshot081310210458

Niepriest Guild Application Wowscrnshot081310211043

Niepriest Guild Application Wowscrnshot081310211213

Niepriest Guild Application Wowscrnshot081310211403

Niepriest Guild Application Wowscrnshot081310211535

Niepriest Guild Application Wowscrnshot081310211720

17. What proffesions does your character have? (So we can add them up in your guild note so guildies could benefit of them)

Will have Tailoring/Enchanting

18. SAY "CHEESE" : D.

Very Happy


** Will be constantly updated/changed.
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PostSubject: Re: Niepriest Guild Application   Niepriest Guild Application Icon_minitime21.08.10 15:22

You are more than welcome =P.

But the thing is, we remade the guild recently and we became strictly pvp now :O.
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Niepriest Guild Application
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