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 Rachidko guild application

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Rachidko guild application Empty
PostSubject: Rachidko guild application   Rachidko guild application Icon_minitime18.10.10 10:35

What is your REAL name?


Where do you live?

Do you speak decent English?
I do speak English well

How old are you?

What is your main character name?
Rachidko (horde)

Name of your alternate character/s?
AmRoZo, Widdowmaker (ally)

What race and class do you play?
Resto dudu on horde, best tank dudu on ally

How long have you been playing WoW?
3 yrs

What is your role in a PVP raid?
hmmmm...i make sure no one in my grp gets a red hp bar :p

Why would you like to join <League Of Heroes> ?
cuz its da most imba guild on lastwow

Why should we recruit you?
Cuz i do a dudu just like C.Ronaldo does a ball Smile

What do you expect from this guild?
sw raids, premade bgs and some arenas

What guilds have you previously been in? Reasons why you leave?
With toast and cofee/Evolution on ally.... MoreQQingPlox on horde
well....WTAC got disbanded once, i didn't apply when they cr8ed it again...still with evolution but they r not active anymore, same for MoreQQingPlox

Any other info we should be aware of?
Nthing special....my ally tank dudu is on 22k hp and 40% dodge ub
my resto dudu is s3/s4 and with full swp ofc (2400 bh)
I am the guardian of Drawzee Wink Wink ( best horde warrior and best friend ever )

Please Link a Screenshot about your Character Panel
sry i don't have one now

What proffesions does your character have?
LW (not full) will throw it away soon and lvl JC

SAY "CHEESE" : D>>>>>>>>>>> / cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese
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Rachidko guild application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Rachidko guild application   Rachidko guild application Icon_minitime18.10.10 13:32

You are sexy.
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Rachidko guild application
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